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Rated R/ 112 Minutes
Directed by: Felix Van Groeningen
Cast: Steve Carell, Timothee Chalamet, Maura Tierney


  • Wednesday, November 14:  (5:30), 8:00
  • Thursday, November 15:  (5:30)

Based on the best-selling pair of memoirs from father and son David and Nic Sheff, Beautiful Boy chronicles the heartbreaking and inspiring experience of survival, relapse, and recovery in a family coping with addiction over many years.

Steve Carell’s ‘Beautiful Boy’ is powerful but not pretty

• Three stars out of four •

Colin Covert | Star Tribune

In “Beautiful Boy,” the national epidemic of substance abuse is told in intimate personal terms. An unembellished portrait of present-day addict life, it explores the chilling real-life struggles of journalist David Sheff and his teenage junkie son, Nic. Adapted from their joint memoirs, it offers a stomach-churning primer of addiction’s traumatic effects on individual and family lives. It is not a movie for the faint of heart, but one that will stick long in your mind. Carell and Chalamet have palpable chemistry and deliver fearless, stellar performances. The film neither sympathizes nor judges the characters and offers no easy resolution. But Chalamet’s understated transformation from promising, vivacious country boy to heroin-addicted hustler is the highlight of the film. His Nic is the sort of fallen angel that becomes a demon. It’s not as though we lack awareness about the drug catastrophe. It’s a perennial subject for cinema. Filmmakers have been criticizing, glamorizing and exploring it since the art form arrived. Still, for those who lack firsthand experience of cycles of destructive habits and despair, recovery and relapse, this should be a compelling wake-up call.

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