Midnight Movies


Midnight Movies
Two Nights Only!
Friday, Mar. 6 & Saturday, Mar. 7
Friday: 11:59pm
Saturday: 11:59pm
97 minutes / Rated R
Directed by: Larry Cohen
Cast: Tony Lo Bianco, Sandy Dennis, Sam Levene, Deborah Raffin and Andy Kaufman

Something strange is happening to the innocent citizens in New York in this drama. NYC's finest is on the case after a spate of bizarre, utterly senseless killings committed by ordinary people. What is most strange is that before they kill someone, the cheerful murderers explain that God told them to do it. In reality, the hapless killers had been possessed by a demon.

Pre-show begins a little after 11:30 - Admission is $7
Larry Cohen ("Bone") directs and writes a weird B-movie cult film that is a blend of sci-fi, occultism, pseudo-religion, crime mystery and a horror thriller. It has a strange power that cuts through its outlandish plot that involves aliens, a Jesus Christ figure and genetics. It leads to a bizarre conclusion with overtones of sexual perversity. It is most effective in uncovering layers of guilt in American society that have been repressed and exposes a modern culture that has become soulless. An upsetting film not meant for the timid. - by Dennis Schwartz / Ozus' World